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With our background in all phases of construction, as well as in construction cost estimation, we can provide all the necessary inspection services.

We are able to provide estimating services prior to loan finalization, in order to confirm the construction estimate. In addition, we can be brought in after the construction process has begun, if it appears that a problem has arisen with the project, in order to estimate the new cost to complete.

We also provide in-depth reporting services so our clients can verify all contractor monthly invoices. This allows our clients to continually monitor their budgets, and keep a close eye so the bank can see that the contractor is not getting ahead of the loan.

Pre-Construction Reviews and Cost Analysis

We believe that better planning at the start of the project leads to better outcomes for our clients, so we utilize extensive pre-construction reviews in all our projects. In order to make the road smoother for clients, we will, before beginning any construction, provide verification of construction cost with a report to bank for loan approval.

In addition, prior to construction, we will review all construction documentation, including plans, cost projections, contracts, engineering reports, environmental studies, permits, and licenses. To determine if the original cost projections are accurate--and adequate--we compare those projections to similar local projects and national averages to determine if all the phases of construction have been addressed, and if those costs are appropriate for completion of the project.

We provide these pre-construction services for all our residential and commercial clients, because we believe it helps us do our work more effectively and efficiently.  

Residential Construction Draw Inspections

During the construction process, we will inspect the job site and provide to the client periodic project status reports. We work with each client individually to tailor reports to their needs, and we deliver them according to each client’s schedule, anywhere from weekly to monthly.

A basic client status report includes estimations of the progress of each phase toward completion, and well as the progress toward completion of the project as a whole. They also provide site photographs and general comments our team team noted about the project. When we inspect our residential clients’ properties, we use our own forms, which gauge the speed and percentage complete of a project based on local and national industry averages. We will also work, if preferred, from the contractor’s original cost projections and create an inspection form based on those numbers.

Commercial Construction Draw Inspections

During the construction process, we provide full service site review and inspection for our clients. Our team will review all draw requests, meet with the contractor(s), make regular announced and unannounced site visits, and attend progress meetings with all parties. We will also provide detailed reports that can include any or all of the following, as dictated
by the client’s needs and wishes:

  • Report on the current status of the project as a whole and each individual construction phase
  • Current completion schedule and timetable
  • Assessment of the quality of work
  • Updated verification of all documentation, including permits, zoning, licenses, taxes and insurance or bonding for the project and contractor
  • Photographs of the site
  • Payment recommendations
  • Change orders
  • Stored Materials


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