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Why Choose an Owners’ Representative?

Whether you are erecting a new structure or renovating an existing one, the construction process can be daunting.

An owners’ representative serves as your guide as you navigate each stage, representing your interests to the contractors and subcontractors, and making sure your vision is achieved. As your representative,

We advocate for you, so you know that you have an industry professional on your side, watching each phase and making sure that the finished product exactly meets your needs and expectations.

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The number one reason for low productivity and construction delays is obstructed flow of information between parties on the project. If pertinent facts about the project are not relayed in a timely manner, you run the risk of serious delays or costly “do-overs”.

Often, the main culprit is the owner - not purposely, but because a business owner’s main job is ensuring the smooth operation of his or her main business, and ensuring its future success.

This means that, sometimes, the contractors and the owner are unable to connect on important developments that can arise quickly during the construction process, and which must be solved just as quickly.

An owner’s representative is there to ensure that this miscommunication – or lack of communication - does not occur. Your owner’s representative, as part of his overseeing the construction process, serves as the point-person for all necessary communication on changes or design issues.

We ensures your peace of mind, so you can get on with the business of running your business by.

Determining your objectives and management criteria in order to establish a comfortable working relationship.
Meeting with you and all appropriate team members to discuss needs and objectives.
Reviewing existing plans and suggesting ways of improving the design and/or reducing your construction or operating costs.
Making sure all initial estimates are fair and reasonable, and assuring that work can be completed within the estimated costs.
Continuously monitoring the quality and timeliness of every facet of the job.
Acting as your representative at meetings and make sure your interests are foremost.
Negotiating contracts with designers and contractors.
Assuring that any changes made will not create problems in later facets of the project.
Solving any conflicts that could arise with contractors to avoid delays and stoppages.
Working with local authorities to make sure all permits and issues are resolved and a cooperative relationship is established.
Making sure all parties have the information needed to complete their portion of the work and following up to make sure they are performing their work in a timely and professional manner.
Advising you if any contractor is not fulfilling his or her contractual duties and assisting in correcting the problems.

Making sure all information flows to parties in a timely manner and assuring that you have the information you want and need to understand the project, including any and all potential speed bumps.

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